Monday, November 16, 2009

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As girls, even a long-term relationship? Hello, I'm a 20-year-old college participants, and I can even keep a man or even get one. So far I know only 2 relations. First was with a boy after his acquaintance, for 3 years. The second with a guy, having to know him, for 2 weeks. The 1st took one for 2 days, while the other lasted 5 months. 1. they wanted only for sex, although we have the best of friends, while the other has the commitment / actual day to day responsibility issues. Basically, my love life confused. I thought I met with the 2nd Jackpot man he seemed to be responsible at the time and did not spend 2 hours eating all the vodka like any other student, and actually studied. I was crazily in love with him and he was always looking after me until he fell in love with a girl that the younger version of his mother. So I want to ask. How does one actually do? I keep seeing every girl can be in front of me likes all types to get wrapped around the finger. Pull it like crazy and are so relaxed about it, it bothers me. I live with a girl who could be a long-term loyal man in the street in just one week. She doesn't have any sexual favors (walls are thin as paper in our house) and treats it like Paris Hilton has her chihuahas, but unlike me, who spends her weekends with friends to play Halo and comic books, if I did not try to maintain a healthy skin and neat appearance, generally regarded by many as either naively simple and so much of a girlfriend material as a flowerpot. I dont understand how you can be a friend without accidentally always get an eye on a man, let alone them to stay. My sister met her husband through a One Night Stand for gods sake, and they're a childless marriage for 5 years. If someone who can only * * Please, tell me how its physically possible, Id appreciate it, because I seem to be the only one here knows a clueless.
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